Image shows data from p194, “Price C., Robertson A., Goodson B. (2009)
Thimerosal and Autism Technical Report. Vol I Bethesda MD: Abt Associates, Inc;
Prepared for the National Immunization Program Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention Atlanta GA”. 

The data shows an 8.73 times increased chance of a child developing autism after vaccines with ethyl mercury during mothers pregnancy (99% certainty). 

The line highlighted in blue has the relevant statistic. Note:

1. ASD_Regr, means regression into Autism

2. PreNatThimer, means a vaccine with mercury was given to the mother Pre Birth.

3. 0.009, shows the statistical probability of error which is less than 1%. (or = 99% sure)

4. The 8.73, indicates that the test population had 8.73 times the control groups autism rate.

Page 194 8x Autism Highlight Price C 2009


Preamble to the full PDF HERE. 

The study was specifically prepared for Frank DeStephano,
Immunisation Safety Officer CDC.